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Vintage Wick

Starting your own business, in my opinion, takes three things- a lot of heart, hard work, and money. In the world of the business man lies the business woman. These days, more and more women are starting their own businesses. That’s why I find it important to stop by and support some of my fellow business women. I think we as the female race put a lot of love in everything we do and it definitely, always comes from the heart. So when I heard about a friend starting her own venture, I knew it had to be great and I have to go check it out!

Located at Nine mile and Woodward in Ferndale Michigan is a place called The Rust Belt Market and it is filled with all kinds of hand- made treasures. They have an event space, a bar, and a market that showcases local talent. The market has up to 50 independently owned businesses and is a great outlet for entrepreneurs just starting up. It has been around for a few years and lately, has been gaining popularity.

Vintage Wick TagRecently I made my first visit to The Rust Belt to visit my friend Teresa, owner of The Vintage Wick, a company that makes cosmetic grade soy candles in one of-a-kind glass pieces. While I was there I visited many different small businesses, each with one of a kind products and artwork all wrapped up in a light and positive atmosphere. Everything from jewelry and woodwork, paintings to candles, the variety of products was exhilarating. I must say, I am very much so digging the vibe in that place.

Teresa is a young woman in her early thirties who has a knack for style, class, and the vintage look. Originally Teresa dabbled in the art of restoring vintage furniture. She features the unique pieces in her store front which she uses to display the candles she makes. Theresa began pouring candles for her antique/vintage home good store, “They sold so well it turned into a full time business.” she told me. Needless to say, candles are her #1 selling product.

I have known Theresa for eight years and she has always been into health, beauty, and the environment. That’s why I think it is so important to her to use high quality ingredients in the candles pours. Soy candles are biodegradable, toxin and carcinogen free, if spilled it cleans up easily with soap and water, and the burn time per ounce is six to eight hours. Soy candles don’t burn as hot as paraffin and it also helps support the American farmers and the agriculture industry instead of the overseas petroleum market of which paraffin is a by-product.

Vintage Wick DisplayUnlike traditional soy candles, Cosmetic-grade soy contains both moisturizing and skin nourishing qualities.  Hydrating your skin is essential in skin care; it increases elasticity and helps prevent dryness giving your skin a healthier appearance. Teresa puts skin compatible oil fragrances in her cosmetic grade soy candles which makes them very appealing and leave the room smelling fantastic not overbearing, and is great for most skin types. As a special bonus, if you bring back the glass piece when the soy burns away, she will refill it for half of the original price.

The Vintage Wick is one of many upcoming great businesses located at The Rust Belt Market

It is important to shop local and support your local business owners, in doing so you support your community and the economy. I would say that sounds like a win-win situation. So the next time you’re out and about, go check out The Rust Belt Market and stop by for a visit at The Vintage Wick. You’ll find one of a kind pieces of art made with love exclusively for your enjoyment.



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