The Sparkling Telah Monet

The Sparkling Telah Monet

I admire people with their own sense of fashion and style; people who can take the simplest of things and make it their own. Making the best out of the bad of situations, these types of people are truly treasures in life. When I meet someone who has so much to offer to the world and shines so bright, I must be sure to share these hidden gems with you. So let me tell you a little about my newly found friend Telah Monet. Telah is a singer, songwriter, entertainer, fashion designer and a true role model for women. Her personal experiences, one of kind fashion, and fun personality influence all her artistic outputs. She does this with an important message behind it, self love.

When I first met up with her we had a connection, maybe it’s because we are both Libras or maybe it’s the positive vibes she gives off. Either way, it was definitely a pleasure talking to her about all her talents. Telah told me about how she moved to New York for four years to pursue her music career and how she started getting into developing her own clothing line. Linked up with producer MarcoPolo Italiano and Raising the Bar Detroit, she began a new adventure. Caught up in living her life, being creative, being independent, and trying to help others, Telah is performing quite a balancing act. After talking to her awhile, I noticed she looked familiar; later I learned she was in the video “Nobody knows” with another artist I know named Hatch.

Having her own colorful style, I first caught a glimpse of Telah Monet at the Raising the Bar Detroit storefront. Her brand Gothic and Girly Girl, conceived in 2013, is inspired by her own fashion sense and pieces she herself would wear. Her Loving Me line was started in 2016 and is currently available; sending the message to provide others with a new sense of self love and direction. Modifying and making changes to her clothing has always been something she has done. Telah describes the Lovin Me line as a movement,

representing you lovin yourself, something more of us need to do to survive and make change.

She originally started out helping a friend with designs and selling resale items. Her love for jean jackets and Swarovski crystals had her starting to brand her own jackets, that was one of the items I noticed at Raising the Bar Detroit Store. Every day she wakes up and asks herself, “What am I wearing today and how can I make it my own?” It’s truly a part of who she is.

Not only is she accomplished in fashion, she also performs music. Recently she’s been working music with producer MarcoPolo Italiano and put out two singles. One called “Me on Me Way” featuring Pierre Anthony and another single “Used 2” both produced by MarcoPolo Italiano. Available now on The Raising the Bar Detroit Vol1 Mixtape. She is currently shooting the video and releasing the single “Used 2” in September 2017. You can find the video for “Me on Me Way” on YouTube. Currently working on her Telah Monet projects, she takes it to a personal place writing about her own experiences. As a writer and artist who started her journey with writing poetry, she hopes to take her career to the next level. From her experiences in New York to Detroit, her sense of style and voice is having an impact on those around her. More music from Telah Monet will be out soon.

Colorful and classy, Telah Monet can relate to all women in her important message.

The Lovin Me line inspires self love, confidence, and new direction. Every day is a new day and a chance to start loving yourself. We need more positive influences in the world and empowerment of self worth. If you’re interested in the Lovin Me line make sure to go to for shirts, hats, jackets and more.

Find More about Telah Monet and her fashion at

Hatch and Telah Monet Video



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