Seven Planes Seven Days

One might think it’s crazy to get up every day and go on an adventure to a foreign land you have never been before and into the unknown. One might be right, that’s exactly what I did. Although I was a little nervous at first, I wanted to test how crazy I really am. Not only did I take many planes spanning several countries, (a different country every day) but I traveled with someone I just had met. It turned out to be one of the best times I’ve ever had and I made a friend for life. Not only that but this trip had much more purpose than adventure, I was going to support some of my really good friends in the band Kaleido; it was their first European tour and I wasn’t going to miss it for the world!

When Christina Chriss first told me they were going on tour I was so happy for them. Then the wheels starting turning in my head, I was thinking I’ve never been on that side of the world, maybe it’s a good excuse to go experience something I never had before. Then came the questions, could I go by myself? Maybe I could find someone to go with me? Can I afford a trip like this? Right before Kaleido was leaving for tour they stopped by my Radio show at to talk about the tour. Turns out hey had invited their friend Stephanie to come because she was interested in going as well. Needless to say, Stephanie and I hit it off and our plan to travel was on! We were going to Europe!

big-benOctober 30th 2016
we got on a train and went to Chicago due to the fact flights are a lot cheaper out of Chicago than Detroit. From Chicago we flew almost 8 hours over the Atlantic Ocean to Dublin, Ireland where we got a room and rested for our next plane ride to London. That day we woke up early and found our way to London where we barely made it to the Kaleido show on Halloween at the O2 Academy. We went out with the band afterwards and got to spend some time with them. We spent the following day in London where we saw almost everything from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace and an awesome open top bus tour of London at night!

Eiffel TowerThe next morning we were off and running to Paris, it was so exciting! While we were there, we got to visit that Eiffel tower, dine on masterfully made crepes, and we even had a tour guide! Then it was back to London to see Kaliedo rock out in Reading, England and man did they rock out Detroit Style! The crowd loved them and I felt so proud! That’s what it was all about!

The one thing we were looking forward to the most was Amsterdam which, I’d say, was a well rounded experience. For those of you who don’t know in Amsterdam, there is a section called the Red Light District and within that district, marijuana, prostitution, and mushrooms are all decriminalize. We seen it all- hookers in the window as though they were products on a shelf ready to purchase, a menu of mushrooms ranging from “beginner” to “riding a dragon,” and of course, weed coffee-shops. We are pretty used to that here in Detroit but in Amsterdam it was definitely a novel experience. We finally made it full circle back to Dublin and got to spend the night at what was by far my favorite hostel. We drank at an Irish pub where everyone was drunk and sang along to every song it was great!

On my way back to the States, I couldn’t help but think I want to travel more and there is so much more I haven’t seen.

I met so many people, dined on delicious food, and saw so many things that most people only see in movies or internet pictures. It was a wonderful and excellent journey for my traveling partner and I. It always feels good to come home but I feel so lucky I had a chance to do this! If you ever get a chance to spread your wings I suggest you fly. You only have one life to live.



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