When I say “Rock and Roll” You say “Aint Dead”

Kaleido Band

What does it take to be an awesome front woman of an amazing band? I think I may know someone! In a land not so far away in the metro Detroit area lives a group of some of the most talented people I know who go by the name Kaleido. Front woman Christina Chriss, one of the hardest working women around, has been performing music for years; first with other bands and now with Kaleido. She works tirelessly on practicing her art and this lady has pipes that could bring down a house plus an amazing style to match. Christina is backed by Cody Morales slapping the bass, Joey Fava on the drums, lead guitarist Zach Bolling, and Ronnie Rosolino on guitar and vocals.
The description I would choose to sum up the style of music they play is: some badass rock and roll. Their music contains upbeat tones coupled lyrically with messages that will enchant your soul. Christina Chriss told me, “It’s really cool to be able to do what I love the most and to be an influence in peoples live through my music. It feels good to know that I can be a role model for young women and inspire them to follow their dreams.”

Photo Credit: Steve Sergent

They are my friends but they have also made me a fan for life. Uplifting, positive vibes and colorful stylings are what attracts me to their music and, lucky me, I’m friends with the band so I’ve gotten to join these lovely people on several of their many adventures. The latest escapade I had with them was when they headlined the Ford stage at Arts, Beats, and Eats over Labor Day weekend in Royal Oak, Mi. The day of the show we left a little earlier than usual to stop by Freedom Hill to visit and support a buddy of theirs. Little did I know it was Jeremy Popoff from the band Lit, who happened to be a very nice guy. Anyways, we hung out with the band for a bit and got invited to watch them perform from backstage. As they put on a rocking show, who comes and sits behind us but Mark Mcgrath from Sugar Ray! He’s just hanging out like the rest of us. Art Alexakis from Everclear slipped right past me to enjoy the show as well. So far the night is going pretty good I’d say.

Lit ended their set with a bang but right before the end they gave a shout out to Kaleido and Christina Chriss which was super cool of them. They then waved to Christina to come out on stage and started to play My Own Worst Enemy which is one the best songs from our younger years. Christina threw me her phone and ran out on stage and, being the rockstar she is, she didn’t miss a beat. In fact, she killed it! I think the band and I had a proud moment like, “that’s our girl.” I would say it was probably one of the best moments ever. We hung out with the band for a little then rushed over to Arts, Beats and Eats.

As we arrived to the show, the teamwork is definitely in full effect; it’s no joke carrying all the equipment and setting up. Greeted at the stage by fans and friends, they got set up then proceeded to rock the pants off the place. I watched from the side of the stage while manning the merchandise booth and singing along. When the performance was over it became a mad house, there was a tornado of fans buying merchandise, asking for autographs and wanting to chat with the band members. Between collecting money, packing up, and signing posters, it was amazing that we were able to make it out of there. In retrospect, it seems the entire day happened in the blink of an eye.

I feel thankful for this memory though because I’m not really sure when our next adventure will be together. They leave in October for their United Kingdom Tour with Alien Ant Farm and (fingers crossed) I’m hoping I can meet them out in London for Halloween. They have worked very hard for the last five years and will be working even harder on this tour. I had a chance to ask them some questions about life and the band for this article and everyone was so positive about the future. Cody feels everyone is working together as a team; even when times are tough or money is tight they are making it happen together. Zach, being the newest member, said although the last show they had at Chene Park was awesome, Arts, Beats and Eats was by far one of his best shows with the band and its all he’s really ever wanted to do. Christina said the Arts Beats and Eats show was epic. In his spare time Ronnie told me he loves writing songs and the most memorable time he had with Kaleido was the first time they jammed together; he said they all just clicked. I think that having that such a strong connection with each other is part of the reason for their success, not all bands have that kind of luck.

One thing they all mentioned was how super excited they are to go on tour in the UK. Traveling the entire US (Colorado being his favorite place to jam) Joey said this is going to be the “best tour by far” and the next step is pushing their new album Experience. He believes people are really going to connect with it. Having heard some of their new music, I’d say I have to agree because what I heard was some fire. “We are so ready for the UK” Christina told me. I can’t help but think- I hope the UK is ready for them!



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