Rise to Power – JP ONE

JP ONE has made himself an integral part of Detroit’s music scene. Whether the conversation is about his consistent flow of new material or his controversial and straight forward attitude, he is always somewhere in the mix. Appearing to just fall from the sky almost five years ago, the then 27 year old took the same no nonsense approach that he had in the streets which led to him spending close to nine years in prison. The difference was noticed immediately.

While most artists look for a way to get in the mix, JP ONE was focused on being the mix. Top-notch artists and producers reached out to him regularly and he refused almost everyone. As the city began to whisper about him, the words “arrogant” or “cocky” were thrown around quite often. In time, these refusals
would make perfect sense as the strength of the JP ONE brand began to rival those whom he once looked up to. His focus and attention to detail being some of his strongest points, his music got better with each release and his fan base more diverse.

Having worked with Elzhi, Black Milk, Boldy James, Guilty Simpson, Seven The General, and recent nemesis Big Gov, he has proven that he is ready to go toe to toe with anyone in the studio. His recent collaborations with Nep Jennings, including the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Real Motown Music, has already made this year a productive one. He hints that his next solo project could be released any day now. This project would mark his 9th solo outing and 12th effort all together… Not bad for a mere 60 months of freedom.

Nobody from Detroit has released this amount of quality music in this amount of time. Some artists are volume shooters but the music isn’t that good. Other artists take three or four years to release the type of projects I release every six months or so.

The most impressive thing of all is that he’s doing everything on his own. There is no management team or record label behind him, just good old-fashioned passion and drive. Having no money or connections upon his release, JP ONE relied on his talent and limited knowledge of the music business to get him ahead. After a few failed attempts at partnerships, the artist became the businessman and decided to step out on his own. The difference was noticed immediately.

His first release under his own imprint, Gifted & Talented, LLC., was an album of the same name. Gifted & Talented was released in October of 2013 and wasn’t a success immediately, but by the time the deluxe edition was released a few months later, JP ONE had become a force in the local music scene. Working the album for over a year before the release of the first installment of the Fire & Brimstone Trilogy in March of 2014, a few thousand copies had hit the street and his buzz was at an all-time high.

By the time the third installment of Fire & Brimstone was released in December of 2015, JP ONE had embarked on three tours across the country and his fan base was quickly growing past the city limits. The first single, “King Me”  and it’s accompanying visual that paid homage to a memorable scene from the hip-hop cult-classic Krush Groove immediately grabbed everyone’s attention and the album quickly cemented the trilogy and JP ONE in the city’s music scene.


This year’s collaborations with Nep Jennings has only added to that legacy and shown that JP ONE is not a one-trick pony. By the time Real Motown Music was released on the Fourth of July, the EP and mixtape, Heavy Rotation, were already touted as some of the best projects of the year.

The album was released to great reviews and their Real Motown Music Weekend served to be one of the biggest weekends for hip-hop in Detroit in a long time.

Saturday, September 24th, JP ONE and Nep Jennings will be performing some of the favorites from the project, including “Best Friend” and “World Gone Crazy” with Soulsiology, a band known for their smooth R&B/Soul grooves. Hazel’s Place is sure to be packed as JP ONE continues to build on his legacy.

To learn more about JP ONE visit his website and follow him on all social media.




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