My 4/20 Extravaganza

During my spare time I like to dabble in baking. Not just any kind baking though, a very special type of baking; with ingredients that can be used for pleasure or pain. These baked goods are popular amongst the Medical Marijuana community and around the date of 4/20, the cannabis community gets together to celebrate. I recently attended three extremely great events on 4/20, 4/21, and 4/22. Surrounded by wonderful people and great products, I could not have asked for a better time. I brought my girls along Debra, Mandy, and Samantha to join in the good times. Each Party was completely different yet had one thing in common…yes the celebration of cannabis and its many uses.

The extravaganza kicked off on 4/20, Mandy and I headed out to the Plump Playmates event. Let me tell you a little bit about the Detroit Plump Playmates, they are some of the nicest women you could ever meet that happen to also be Big Beautiful Women (BBW) exotic dancers. We always have so much fun at their parties and there is always a crowd of people there. The DJ, DJ Sugar Bear, is seriously so entertaining. They had a Plump Princess at the door greeting partygoers and FineChina keeping everything rolling. The night was a success and the place was packed, everyone was happy. You really couldn’t have asked for a better time; those ladies definitely know how to keep the party going!

The next day we were at it again attending the Bake Sale at Hilltopz Studios owned by Dre Dotty. My friend Lamir invited me but I didn’t know anyone at this party. Don’t know anybody? No problem! I make friends real quick. The first people we talked to were Smokahontas, another member of the cannabis community/party promoter, DJ Equad, who I gave some of my baked goods to, and an artist with a company called Five Thirteen. There were performances throughout the night along with lovely ladies showing off their half-painted bodies. Then we ate some medicated spicy jamba”HIgh”ya from some gents called Food with a Twist. It was the best thing I’d eaten all weekend hands downs! Since this was my first time in attendance, I must say it was a great space. Shout out to everyone that we met that night!

The final event was on Saturday, the Meet and Chief, with Trick Trick and all our friends. Every few months a Meet and Chief is put on and we have attended every one so far. That means lots of familiar faces and we always look forward to hanging with all our people. This time they did things a little different by having a Comedy Battle. It was a good choice of entertainment for the event because everyone loves to laugh! We got some shirts from Its All Raw, products from Breaking Fractions Extracts, and Dabs from Detroit City Dabs. Other vendors at the event that we like are Over the Moon clothing, Kush in my Cologne, and TNTs! There were lots of give-aways that night along with DJ Thriller, food, and fun. Trick Tricks Meet and Chief is sponsored by Fenton Hydroponics and Garden Center. It was a hell of a night!

Medical and recreational marijuana use is becoming more openly accepted. Research and studies on sites like show the positive effects cannabis is having on people. It’s important to get informed on other options that are available to you and your family. Check out and for more information about what is right for you and what your rights are as a medical marihuana card holder in Michigan.



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