The Medicinal Muffin Man

Medicinal Muffin

Do you know the muffin man? (Sound familiar?) How about, do you know the Medicinal Muffin Man? If you don’t, then I feel really bad for you. When it comes to the Medical Marijuana game, I would say he is at the top of my list. The reason why I say this is because he serves up a product that tastes good as well as heals and brings joy to all of mankind. His wonderful personality is the selling point and what draws you in. Knowledgeable, friendly, and straight to the point, this gentleman allows you to feel comfortable with his products. If anyone dear to me is sick and I think the muffin man can help, I point them in his direction.  With that being said, I have personally eaten his products and we need more people as passionate as this man in the Medical Marijuana industry.

Apple Cinnamon Medicinal MuffinLet me introduce you to Tim, a bread baker of fifteen years from Berkley, Michigan. I met him a little over a year ago at a dispensary where he was selling his muffins. Tim is a very delightful person to say the least. He started baking THC infused muffins over two years ago to help chemotherapy patients after leaving treatment (THC helps alleviate pain and stimulates the appetite). He said it created a domino effect in which numerous patients seeking narcotic free pain relief found his baked goods and coconut tincture could do just that, set them free. Most of the patients that have eaten his products have been able to reduce their dependency on narcotics or become completely narcotic free. Tim tells me his goal now is to help anyone live healthier by reducing their narcotic/pill intake with the help of his products.

Products by the muffin man are 90% THC activated which range from butter, coconut oil, and even Agave syrup. In these forms, they can be infused into any hot or cold beverage and pretty much anything your heart desires. I feel the need to interject that one of my all time favorite Muffin Man items is the mouth-watering Blueberry Cheesecake Muffin. With that out of the way, all of his 200mg THC muffins are fantastic. Flavors such as triple berry, banana nut, and his new and exclusive Cinnamon Crunch 400mg muffin are simply divine. For those who need more medicating than average, he also serves up a 1000mg S’more Brownie- but only by special order of course.

Medicinal Muffin DisplayWhat does he love most about what he does? Two things: First, he loves to hear how his products have helped to change people’s lives for the better and to know they are living healthier, having more energy, and not having to deal with the “crazy side affects” that come along with the high number of pills previously taken by these patients compared to now with the cannabis. Second, he likes the reactions he receives about how delicious his products taste with their explosion of flavors and he enjoys the smile it puts on peoples faces. Medicinal Muffin Man isn’t medicinal just because of the pot; joy, laughter, and positivity are said to be the best medicines. “It’s a proven fact that changing ones mood and outlook on life can therefore change one’s lifestyle. Even one of my non-medicated products have been shown to brighten your day. Why take a mood stabilizer or any pill for that?!”

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