Like Father, Like Son

When a father and son team up what is more fitting than the title Bloodline? When I first met Big Herk in the Detroit Hip Hop scene, he has always had warm vibes about him and what’s more, he plays an influential role in the Detroit Hip Hop Community. Later I learned of his son Young Herk and the ambition that flowed out of him. Recently they united musically to form the Bloodline album. The album is based on their journey as father and son, grinding, and the struggles life has thrown their way. They enjoy getting personal with fans and showing the world what a worthy duo they are.

Young Herk told me he really enjoyed working on this album with his father. At the time, neither were working on any projects individually so when Young Herk presented his father with the idea of working on an album together, the timing seemed just right. Putting together song concepts, structures, gathering beats, and recording came together naturally for them. One of the moments he told me about when making the album was when they recorded in the middle of the house with a microphone and makeshift mic stand, telling me how great it came out; it was one of those “in the moment” things.

Young Herk’s upbringing was influenced by the balance of his mother and father who instilled morals and standards in him which he then applied to his life. Big Herk encouraged his son in whatever he did whether it was sports or music and always gave him honest criticism and supported his interests. He had a lot of influences musically- Big L, his father big Herk, J Nutty, Thrust, and Charlie Picasso which helped him develop into the man he is today.

Before Big Herk was in the group Rock Bottom, he was in a group with J Nutty, Thrust, and Charlie Picasso called the Woodrow Rebels. Young Herk said they were the main reason he started writing and rapping. “Seeing all the writing sessions and the way they put songs together were really something special” he told me. At fourteen years old, Young Herk began writing and experimenting with his rap style. He hid it from his father until he felt he was ready to show him something good. Big Herk knew his son was up to something and waited until his son was ready to reveal the secret. Young Herk brought the first song to his dad and his father approved; it was the first song he ever recorded.

With one of Detroit’s biggest influences in the Hip Hop scene, Big Herk is a force to be reckoned with and together, father and son are unstoppable. I can’t wait to see what’s to come. Overall, Young Herk said the experience was “dope” and has gotten nothing but positive feedback from both fans and critics. Bloodline, it runs through their veins.

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