Josie Pace

Josie Pace Battleground

Rising star Josie Pace recently dropped her slamming new single ‘Battleground’ on October the 14th. Battleground is a continuing reminder of the unapologetic rock and roll attitude Detroit is legendary for. From Iggy Pop to Jack White, Josie Pace stirs up ghosts and flashbacks of a late night drive over the Rouge River Bridge as the Motor City industrial machine spits fire and smoke into the sky. At just 22 years old, Josie Pace’s unique sound of grinding synthesizers and smashing drums pulls from the likes of Depeche Mode and IAMX yet contains a high art fashion swagger as if you just bumped into David Bowie at a Halston Party.

Battleground’s fast paced rhythm and vengeful lyrics mimic Josie’s young, in your face but controlled drive as she belts out the warning “or you’ll be underground” and I for one believe her. Underneath the pulsing Moog synthesizers and vintage drum machines lies the heartbeat of a song crafted in the classic sense. As an accomplished guitar player, Josie molds and refines her songs acoustically only to tear them apart with producer Ken Roberts until they scream with the electronic muscle that makes you stop in your tracks. In Battleground, Josie commands you to “take your stamp off of my design” with a vigor that celebrates the proud style Detroit Rock is known for and with Josie Pace, that legacy will continue.

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