The High Times Cannabis Cup

One event I truly enjoy attending in the medical marijuana community is the High Times Cannabis Cup in Clio, Michigan. Every year people come from all over the United States to see what the High Times Cannabis Cup has to offer. Here is a little background on the Cannabis Cup in case you’re not familiar: Founded in 1988 by Steven Hager, the original cup is held in Amsterdam every November. The purpose is for a team of VIP judges to sample then decide whose strain is the best of the best in predetermined categories. Although marijuana is the focus of the cup it provides live music and educational seminars along with an expo for marijuana-related products from cannabis-oriented businesses.

In 2010 the Cup came to the United States and now it is held in states that have passed Medical marijuana laws- California, Denver, Michigan, Seattle, and Portland. Coming soon, Cups will be held in Jamaica, Rhode Island, and Canada. More and more, the culture and medical purposes are becoming accepted as the norm. Let me tell you a little bit about how awesome of a time I had being a vendor at the Midwest Cannabis Cup.

I would like to think there are three reasons why my friends and I go out to this great event. The first one is to meet new people and help spread the positive message of medical marijuana and how it has helped so many. We have a wide range of products, along with other companies, that really show how important cannabis is when used medicinally. Not to mention the positive effects it has on patients with serious illnesses. Meeting new people and sharing a common interest that we are all so passionate about is a great feeling. Educating others and getting educated about new information regarding medical marijuana is helping our community provide the highest quality of products to patients. It’s really a great learning experience for everyone attending.

Another reason why we go is to test out new products made by other vendors and companies. When I was at the event I collected many products and have been trying them out over the last few weeks. The THC vape cartridge is one of my favorite products; it is small, discreet, and effective. Gathering a few from Detroit City Dabs, Mob Extracts, and Breaking Fractions, I was more than satisfied with what I purchased. I also grabbed a few THC infused beverages such as Kool-aid, lemonade, and tea. I have to say my friends at Nicely Toasted were the best. I also got some edible gushers from them and some candy from a few other companies. Swedish Fish, suckers, orange chocolate, and then some brandy chocolate truffles I purchased from our neighbor vendor, Superior Genetics, were amazing. Anything and everything from Chapsticks and Slurpees to topicals and edibles are infused with the goodness of Marijuana to bring about quality of life. Seeing all these products is truly one of my favorite parts of these kinds of events.

The third reason for attending is the music. This year at the High Times Cannabis Cup, I would say the entertainment was top of the line. The entertainment boasted Wutang, 50 cent, George Clinton, Trick-Trick, Atmosphere, Bone, Thugs-n- Harmony, Devin the Dude, Danny Brown, and Nelly. This was by far the best concert at one of these events that I’ve been to. I’m not sure if this upgrade in entertainment was orchestrated by a new group of owners which includes Damion Marley that recently bought High Times but I’d like to think so. The great entertainment definitely attracted more people to this event and made it more successful.

With the upgrades that High Times is making, I’m really looking forward to the next event, especially after enjoying amazing food, good people, excellent entertainment, high quality products, and good vibes all around. Cannabis Cup is heading to Rhode Island in September but I hear they might have another High Times county fair in August in Michigan like they did last year. More updates to come on High Times and the Mmmp community.

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