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Originating in Detroit, Michigan in 2010, Fight Dirty gear has slowly been gaining recognition. Despite the moniker, Fight Dirty relates to consumers in a positive manner and has boosted the clothing lines popularity. Fight Dirty Ink was born out of the Hockey Academy of Detroit and the imagination of Charlie Bronson. What originally started as a simple hockey camp designed to bring hockey back into youth sports grew into a booming sensation.

Fight Dirty Ink In The DFDI quickly discovered people were becoming more and more interested in purchasing the clever and unique clothing Charlie created. Fight Dirty originated as a brand under the new Hockey’s Finest banner but soon the popularity of the various Fight Dirty shirts grew and it was launched as its own brand in 2011. Fight Dirty Ink is also an in-house screen printing company which has given them a lot of room to be creative and allowed them to mass produce.

Charlie’s creative inspiration comes from the things he enjoys: music, vintage hotrods, boxing, hockey, and BMX dirt bikes. “I create art that others can relate to as well, it’s not just a “me” thing.” The focus on this year’s clothing line is designs inspired by hand drawn logos and digital looking designs. He tells me they’d experimented with hand drawn logos last year and had a lot of success. Also, he is proud to produce items that other companies do not supply or produce; the sheer uniqueness of Fight Dirty makes his clothing line stand alone.

Fight Dirty Ink hopes and dreams for the future are to continue to grow as a company every day and to follow their business plan to branch to major cities as planned. Spending a lot of time on marketing, design, and quality, they feel their line is stronger and better than the previous year. With continued support from their client base they look forward to what is in store for the future and all the opportunities that come their way.

Charlie told me his biggest supporters are people who are told they cannot or will not do something. He encourages people to follow their dreams like he did and hopes his clothing line in an inspiration for others. FDI is ever thankful for all the customers that have backed them through years and continue to purchase Fight Dirty Ink gear. FDI also supports local businesses and artists and has even helped me create my own Snowbunnie line.

Ranging from beanies, t-shirts, and hoodies, Fight Dirty has backed me from the start. When I was searching for a company to print my Snowbunnie Gear, Fight Dirty Ink introduced me to a great product at a great price.

Fight Dirty Ink Hard HittersI first came across Fight Dirty Ink clothing at an event I attended with a mutual friend and have been an avid fan of their clothing line ever since. Charlie and I are from the same area and share much in common so it’s no wonder that I have personally acquired a collection of fight dirty items; hats, hoodies, t-shirts, pants, and tank tops. As you can see, I have quite the Detroit Fights Dirty collection and I’ve worn the clothing everywhere from London to California to Vegas and no matter where I go, I always get compliments and asked where I got the clothes from.

Much of the clothing is geared towards sports and athletes so it’s important for the clothes to be stylish and fit well for men and women. FDI makes unique products for every day wear which allow customers feel comfortable and confident.

Custom items are also available upon request for children and infants.

Fight Dirty Ink will work with you to make sure you are happy with your merchandise and if so desired, customized with your own name or logo as well. You can purchase Fight Dirty clothing on their website, at M3 Tattoo located on Gratiot in Eastpointe, and you can find FDI vending their merchandise at local events in and around the city.



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