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Living on the Eastside of Eight Mile in Metro Detroit sure doesn’t look the same as it used to. Thinking back a few years ago it was looking pretty run down. Then something started happening, new businesses started opening new shops and cleaning up the area which led to people in the suburbs coming closer to the city to spend their money. Now what kind of business could do that you might ask? Well, since the laws on Medical Marijuana have changed, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program has allowed these new business “dispensaries” to open up all over town. These dispensaries have a lot more going on than you might think.

As someone who has their MMMP card, I like to explore these dispensaries to see what products catch my eye and which shops provide not just good but great customer service coupled with the friendliest environment. Recently a friend informed me about a new one that just opened up on my side of town, so I had to check it out. She said they had a wide range of products including clones, flower, and a variety of CBD based products. Dream Dispensary or wearedreamdetroit.com is located at 15670 Eight Mile Detroit, Mi on the Eastside near Kelly Road.

I made my way over there one afternoon and to my surprise they had a huge selection of products at killer prices. I must mention that they were high quality products, the kind of quality which seems to be lacking now a days. The goods that really caught my eye were their variety of clones; I’d venture to say they easily had 40 to 50 varieties. They also showcased a wide range of CBD products you don’t normally see at other dispensaries. For example, some of the clone strains they had were Headcracker OG, White Urkle, Cash Cow, and a bunch of other strains including CBD based strains that smelled amazing! CBD everything- pens, isolates, edibles, lotions, and more.

Dream Dispensary is a family owned business that makes everything in-house. Joel, one of the owners of Dream, and I chatted over the importance of patient care and quality of life when it come to his products. Products high in CBD are important for patients not looking for that high one would get from the THC but encompassed the same medical benefits. Joel originally started creating products with his aunt in mind when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now he makes products for patients with such aliments as pain, anxiety, and even mental illness who want to obtain the healing effects of CBD’s. He also has a certification in Shortpath Distillation and his family has a background in the medical field which I think is important when explaining to patients the use and benefits of the products they offer. He also showed me all of the accessories; they carry lock boxes, bongs, water pipes, vapes, and my favorite, the cookie jars (Stackable storage containers for a variety of flowers).

Dream Dispensary Storefront
Dream Dispensary Storefront

Dispensaries like Dream Dispensary are important for the MMMP Community in recognizing that patient care is of the utmost importance.

Knowing your product, how it works, and getting it tested by a lab is important for the patient so they can use it in the most effective way. New shop owners who care about their customers and their customers needs are good for the community and the overall morale of the neighborhood swells when these areas get fixed up and look nicer. Additionally, helping people in need is one of the most fulfilling jobs a person can encounter in their lifetime. Check out Dream Dispensary and see what I am talking about, they are now doing MMMP certifications for qualified patients.



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