Detroit Dining Club

Detroit Dining Club

As a child, it’s fun to be in a club because it is a great way to socialize, make new friends, and develop people skills. As an adult I think being in a club server the same purpose- you can do something you like with other people and enjoy yourself. To be in a club where the sole purpose is to consume delicious food sounds fantastic to me; that’s why I recently joined the Detroit Dining Club and so far it has been a lot of fun. An acquaintance of mine, Ashley Michele, posted on Facebook that she was starting this club and since I’m a foodie, I had to join! Ashley and I have associated here and there over the past year at events we’ve both attended. Ashley is the proud owner of a sunglass company called Alley & Eye.

I emailed her after seeing her post and she sent me the application which I promptly filled out so I am now a member of the Detroit Dining Club. A date was set for our first meeting at a French restaurant called Antietam in down town. Deciding who to bring was easy, I chose my grandmother because she loves to go out to eat and try new things. Besides, my grandmother is an awesome lady and I knew it would be a great time. Located at 1428 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, Antietam has a simple store front but it’s also classy.

As we walked in the door, soft pink material draped down to the floor, the lighting fixtures were beautiful, there was a showcase filled with vintage tea cups, and glassware on shelves high upon the wall. Ashley and our server greeted us at the door and seated us at an elegant wood table with lovely table setting. Everything in the restaurant is very simple but tasteful. As the other members of the club showed up we looked over the menu and it was time to get down to business.



The menu was laid out in three courses: sweet to savory. The first course consisted of doughnut holes with powder sugar and a lemon curd and berry compote. It was very good and I got sugar all over myself but it was totally worth it. The second course was a choice, either homemade granola with Greek yogurt and berries on top or Steel Cut Oats with Michigan maple syrup and caramelized apple butter. I opted for the Steel Cut Oats but it wasn’t to my liking; the Greek yogurt and berries looked excellent though.

Moving on to the main event we were given three choices: Bananas Foster French Toast with caramelized bananas, vanilla, dark rum, homemade challah, spiced candied walnuts and Chantilly or Eggs al’ Antietam which was poached eggs, oxtail terrine, toasted brioche, hollandaise, caramelized onion and pimiento home fries or a Chefs Omelet which featured eggs, goat cheese, crème fraîche, chives, and an arugula salad. I had the French Toast and it was fabulous! I would definitely eat at Antietam again but next time, I want to sample the dinner menu.

Many thanks to Antietam and Detroit Dining Club for the wonderful experience!

I look forward to my next meeting with the Club and Ashley; it was nice to talk to new people and my grandma had a really good time. If you want to try something new (and delicious) check out the Antietam, it is romantic and cozy with a classic twist. I really loved the atmosphere, very intimate; it’s fine dining with a vintage vibe and a menu of French Brasserie style fare and craft cocktails. Call for reservations at 313-782-4378. Look for my next adventure with Detroit Dining Club coming soon and in the meantime, check out their website



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