Dabs and Drums

Dabs and Drums

I always get along with people that have a love for marijuana; combine that with talent, good vibes, and a friendly atmosphere and I’m going to have myself a good time. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dan Paterson from Dabs and Drums at one of our events, The Meet and Chief. One of my friends had given him a cake for his TV show called Dabs and drums which is marijuana related along with fun guests and of course, Dan’s love for the drums.

dabs and drums hostRecently, I got in contact with Dan and decided to go on his show. I brought along my friend Debra Young to discuss marijuana related topics. The show had a laid back setting; my friend and I engaged in a fun conversation with another guest and we smoked marijuana and did dabs. The crew was so nice and all around professionals; a lot of good vibes were flowing. They ended the show with a bang – Dan and the other guest drummed their hearts out; it was very entertaining.

Dabs and drums was created by the host Dan to get people to listen to the hobbies he was into or working on drum-wise and also to showcase his love for medical marijuana; dabbing specifically. Dan told me his vision was to get guests to experience his world while he experienced theirs while including some drum solos or engaging in drum battles. When he was three years old he said he fell in love with drums because of an uncle who was a great drummer and that he’s always had a love for music in general. He told me how important marijuana is to him and how it has helped him both with anxiety and staying sober from an alcohol addiction he had in the past. He said,

I truly believe cannabis saved my life.

On the first three episodes of Dabs and Drums, there was only Dan, a cannon camera, and an Iphone. For his first Christmas episode he wanted to kick things up so he asked a photographer friend, Matt Smith, to help with some of the filming. A few episodes later, he had former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty on the show. He decided then to ask another friend to help out, one Mikel McClellan, a jack of all trades. Since then Mikel has help with every episode and takes the drone footage as well. Dan does all the audio and video editing himself but he said that having a great team makes it so much easier. He explained how lucky he has been to have friends that help and support him; recently Andrew Ficker (of the Dropout) and Polish Katie have joined the team. One camera and some IPhones have grown to four cameras or more, a drone, and professional audio. He hopes for continued success of the show and for his team.

Dabs and Drums is a show Dan created out of passion for two things that have played a big influence in his life.

I respect that and I think that his formula is working. I really enjoyed chatting on the show and am grateful he shared his love for drums with us. Some people do things from their heart and soul and those things are the best of all. Stay tuned for the Snowbunnie Sweeds episode. Much love to Dan and the crew.

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