D.O.P.E. Boyz – Detroit’s Best Kept Secret

D.O.P.E Boyz

When you hear the word dope most times you think of drugs but the D.O.P.E. Boyz are trying to feed a whole different kind of addiction. Delivering Our Poetic Excellence is their version of dope.  One half of the group, Bigg EMpact, told Hear “We like to use a play on words with drugs. Everything we do has a double meaning like our new album we’re working on, Still Addicted most people perceive as a drug reference but it’s about how we’re addicted to the music that came out of the 90’s.”

With influences such as Michael Jackson, Detroit’s own Insane Clown Posse, and Tech N9ne along with their love of music from the 80’s and 90’s the D.O.P.E. Boyz are looking for a sound that is unique and their own. 100% independent they do it all their own way with their own record label, Outbreak Entertainment. “Everything we do comes out of our pocket. Our dream goal is to sign with Strange Music Records. It would be a perfect fit. From the start we wanted to do what every other artist isn’t doing. We want to build our brand from the ground up and we try to stay away from the partying. We do our set and we hit the back door leaving people to wonder who those guys were.”

So keep on the look out for the elusive D.O.P.E. Boyz and Outbreak Entertainment. Bigg EMpact and Royale will be doing it their way. Coming off of a show opening for the legendary Mystikal, these Detroit natives will be leaving their mark as their love of music drives them forward. Detroit’s best kept secret may become your new addiction.



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