Cannamiracles Shea Butter Topical

With new laws being passed in Lansing regarding Medical Marijuana, the cannabis business is in full effect in the state of Michigan. Not only are communities becoming more accepting of the Medical Marijuana business and practice but many small business owners are seeing the positive reactions it is having on patients with serious ailments. Owners are also experimenting with cannabis as it relates to their own products as well, especially businesses promoting holistic products. The ingredients found in these products have been around for thousands of years and not only do these ingredients produce little to no side effects but they yield powerful results. Why do natural holistic ingredients merge so well with hemp and marijuana based products? The answer is simple: because it all comes from the same place, it is grown from the earth.

My perpetual exploration for great cannabis related cures led me to the door of a wonderful small business called Cannamiracles. Started in 2011 by Christiana Starr, Cannamiracles features holistic based products with a cannabis touch. In my opinion, her products are great for anyone who is interested in trying alternative medicines that have low side effects and generate positive results. When I asked Christiana why she started the company, she told me

My inspiration comes from two sources, dealing with my own condition and having the ability to help others.

Cannamiracles Muscle RubThe main products sold in Cannamiracles, products she first started with, are medicated muscle rubs but Christiana recently added infused confections to her product list- confections which have steadily grown in popularity. She obtains the bulk of feedback on her products from her customers who hail from all walks of life. As mentioned, her top selling products are muscle rubs which address everything from Multiple Sclerosis to degenerative disk disease. Cannamiracles rubs can safely be used every day to relieve pain and suffering. So much so, many patients have made their use part of their daily routine, myself included.

Cannamiracles Healing SynergyOne of the things that really sold me on one of Christiana’s newer ribs, a non- medicated product called Healing Synergy, is that it is a mix of herbs and high grade coconut oil which can be used to treat pain and other ailments. She brought it to my attention when I told her I had a problem with my feet cramping from standing for long periods of time. This particular mixture is not cannabis infused but it is just what the doctor ordered to relieve my discomfort. I sprayed my feet that very night with the topical before I went to bed and to my surprise I woke up with my feet feeling good as new!

The non-medicated Healing Synergy muscle rubs she creates come in four bases: Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, Mango Butter, and Shaelo (a mixture of Shea and aloe). As for the infused confections, they are all made with high grade Rick Simpson Oil (also referred to as RSO). Cannamiracles specialties feature a variety of gummies, hard candies, and chocolates which are not only delicious but reasonably priced; plus they provide a quality punch her customers are often looking for.

Caregivers Cup in 2012

I cannot help but mention that the MMM report awarded Christiana the winner of the Caregivers Cup in 2012 for Best Medibles. Her products and the wonders that they work speak for themselves. In a market where patient care is of the utmost importance, business owners like Christiana provide quality products in a kind and caring environment. You can find Cannamiracles at seven different locations in and around the Detroit. Learn more about locations and products by checking out



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