Busted in Detroit

Busted In Detroit

It is important not just to feel comfortable in your own skin but to feel comfortable under your clothes. That’s why I think it’s important to have exceptional undergarments. Whether they are for comfort, for support, or you just want to feel sexy, quality will always win out over quantity. The bulk of lingerie shops and department stores focus on cute styles for women who are typically smaller throughout the waist and hips while paying less attention to providing styles and sizes for bigger women that are both fashionable and provide support for extra luggage. Recently on social media I discovered a little gem I wanted to check out who specialize in bigger garment sizes for women called Busted in Detroit. I contacted the Owner Lee Padgett and told her we were coming by to check it out!

When we arrived the presentation was wonderful; Busted offers a variety of colors and prints for bras and panties in all shapes and sizes. They also carry nylons, thigh highs, robes, and lots of cute accessories to match. Greeted by Lee and some of her friendly staff, I felt very comfortable as she gave me the rundown on her shop. Lee started Busted in Detroit due to the fact she had trouble finding adequate bras or panties in and around the city so she made it her quest to provide this service for women in her area.

In 2013 Busted in Detroit was founded. The staff at Busted is professional, knowledgeable, and are expertly trained in fitting bras and foundation garments. They have something for everyone too, not just bigger women. The garment sizes range from AAA to N cup, bands 26-56 inches. The bra assortment includes: everyday wear to nursing, sports, backless, wire free, and yes- sexy, sexy, sexy! Busted has it all.

Busted In Detroit Products

The one thing that truly makes Busted in Detroit stand out to me is that they really care about how you look and feel. The staff takes the time to build a personal relationship with you so can have confidence about the way you look in your clothes because, let’s face it, underwear is really personal. They make it a point to be sure that the product fits properly and that you are satisfied with the purchase. Busted’s wide range of styles and patterns is something I really haven’t seen anywhere else and I can say the same about the array of cool bra accessories they carry.

Want to know what I’m talking about?

Go visit Lee and her lovely staff at 15 E Kirby Suite A in Detroit (48202). Hey fella’s, need help picking out something for the little lady or want to grab something for yourself? Busted’s staff is ready and waiting to help you! They also book parties so give them a call at 313-288-0449. You can also find Busted in Detroit on Facebook and Twitter (@BustedinDetroit).



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