Betrothed: First Comes Abduction, then Comes Marriage

Betrothed Movie Review

Tis the season for “Betrothed“. This thriller horror flick recently released on VOD, HULU, VULU, Itunes, and Amazon is just in time for the chilling October month of Halloween. The plot features an innocent trip to the store that turns into a surreal nightmare when a college student is kidnapped by a deranged, dysfunctional family. Audra West (Makayla Gibson) finds herself trapped in the middle of the desert and betrothed to Adam, the youngest son of the murderous clan. As a determined detective conducts a frantic search, Audra realizes the only way to survive is to escape. But even if she could get away, almost two hundred miles of desert lies between her and salvation.

As Detective Rob Gordon (Trea Ireland) unravels the mysterious circumstances of Audra’s disappearance, she makes a desperate attempt to flee. While the brothers are out of the house, Audra attacks Ginnie Cooper, the deranged matriarch of the clan, and escapes into the desert with the rest of the family in hot pursuit. Will Detective Gordon save her in time or is Audra destined to spend happy “never” after with the Coopers?

Betrothed is nominated for 6 awards at the 3rd annual FANtastic Horror Film Festival held in San Diego, CA.

The nominations are:

Best Director of a Feature Film: Jim Lane
Best Actress in a Feature Film: Mikayla Gibson
Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film: Bill Oberst Jr.
Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film: Willow Hale
Best Original Story/Script
Scariest Death Scene

Get in the Halloween spirit with this creepy thriller!

I star as one of the supporting actresses in this movie which we filmed in the deep mountains of California. Betrothed is full of suspense, setting the tone for chills and screams that will not disappoint!




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