All That Glitters is Gold in a Features World


As a feature performer, I have always loved the live performances of feature acts around the country. I take pride in the achievements I have accomplished that pushed me to the top of the feature chain. The glamorous life of a feature; everything that glitters is gold! What is a feature act? A feature act is showcase performance by one or more adult actresses that have elite status among their peer porn star acquaintances. These elite girls are among the top in the industry winning awards for feature films, and landing a spot in the centerfolds of your favorite magazines. By gaining a large fan base collectively these stars stay on top of their game.

Adult INDustry Detroit CleopatraThese elite girls are hand chosen by agents to start a tour around the country after becoming well known for feature films that set records. When accepting these contracts, these girls put together amazing performances that will knock your socks off (or shorts). Each act is different between each feature which brings variety to the show package. Not only are these stars advertised in local newspapers and broadcasted on radio shows for their performances, some have their own billboards. They are picked up from the airport by limo waiting to chauffeur them to the club and hotel and it doesn’t stop there, each feature has their own personal dressing room where there is always a beautiful bouquet of roses to welcome the elite feature porn star or showgirl.

Many feature entertainers put together burlesque shows with their own individual spin to it. Burlesque has been around since the 1920s when they were considered flapper girls rather than showgirls. Burlesque is term used for the art of imitation or parody (or strip tease) of a dramatic work. No two shows are alike. So you don’t want to miss any of them. My favorite iconic inspirations are Marilyn Monroe, Betty Paige, and Dita Von Teese. In the porn world my iconic inspirations are Ginger Lynn, Nina Harley, and Jenna Jameson. These strong elite women flourished, had endeavoring beauty, and created a path for women in the industry. They used desire to inspire and even created their own brand. They gave women the power to take pride in themselves and embody the “if you got it flaunt it” attitude.

Adult INDustry Detroit Burlesque Having won numerous titles in a variety of pageants and many nominated feature films, I have also worked with the top agents and industry companies around today. Also, I’ve and on quite a few television shows as well as co-hosting internet radio and television shows when I lived out west. My feature acts consist of fire dancing, snake charming, and aerial performances by lira and silks. I have been a feature performer for the last ten years and enjoy it very much. I have been crowned Miss Nude North America, Miss Nude World, Miss Nude International, Most Scandalous, and Exotic Dancer Magazinesclub favorite feature of the year.” Those are just a few to name. Feature life is full of exotic, fun adventures, competitions, pageants, showcases, and conventions.

It takes an excessive amount of hard work and dedication to make it to the top.

Adult INDustry Detroit On Stage

I have unprecedented access to these girls that no one else has and will provide you with the most intimate and juiciest interviews. As you can see, everything that glitters is gold in a features world. I dedicate Adult INDustry tab to the beautiful showgirls and adult stars who shine on our stages here in Detroit.

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